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My name’s Kathy Smith and I’m in the fitness business, I make exercise DVD’s and my books and produce all kinds of fitness information.

How can you live life the best quality life, the best life that you can imagine? How can you live life on your own terms?

Whatever that means to you and it’s very very independent. So for one person it might mean going to London or Paris or San Fransisco and being able to walk all day long and not get tired. For somebody else, like myself, it might be going to Park City, Utah, getting on that ski slope in my sixties, in my seventies and in my eighties and that’s what living life means to me.

Having health vitality and energy to really do the things and to give to the world everything that you can give. Exercise, also known as movement, is one the most valuable things that you can do for your health.

We believe exercise is important, research shows it, we know it to be true but now we need to convey it and it needs to become just a language and a lifestyle that become so second nature that we don’t even think about separating exercise from from your daily life.

You might walk, you know, an extra, you know, block to your office. You might climb an extra flight of stairs. You might get out of your seat and do something to cause you to move more throughout the day.

Lifestyle, including exercise is the biggest thing that you can do to change the quality of your life. I believe the best thing about chiropractors is about prevention, they can help you stay at your top level and keep you just in the best condition.

I have a great friend and we would work out together, he’s a chiropractor, he taught me how to stay just really in top shape and how to take my conditioning actually to the next level by using this technique.

It’s very simple, throughout the day, I could be in a car, I could be in a meeting, I could be at a shoot and I just think about the breath and I inhale for a count of four. I hold my breath, and then I listen, and then you exhale.

You just do that three times throughout the day and what I’ve noticed is that simple technique is so powerful because it brings you in the present moment, it makes you more mindful and being more mindful in your life throughout the day helps you de-stress, decompress but when it comes to exercise and food, it just gets you present. Just stay in the moment and those things.

So I think that’s my biggest tip.



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