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You know we’re expecting you, right?

I’ve been working on a documentary series for 3 years on GMOs. It’s done and it’s brilliant, at times jaw-dropping.
We’ve traveled tens of thousands of miles, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and recorded some of the best interviews I’ve ever filmed.
When I do this, I think of you. Ok, not you personally, but I think of the people who will watch this. I think of the army of people we’re building, all armed with the truth about how our health is being sold out by greedy chemical/seed companies for short term profits.
Do you know that regardless of how carefully you eat, you have glyphosate (the main chemical in RoundUP) in your body right now? It’s likely that your kids do too.
It’s because it’s in our water supply now. It’s in 65% of the rain that’s been tested.
It’s an environmental disaster that makes the Exxon Valdez oil spill look like a glass of spilled milk.
We’re all worried about North Korea, and meanwhile every day we’re being poisoned with the full blessing of our government.
You need to see this series and share it with everyone you know.
There’s no charge, and you not going to want to miss a minute.


Watch this GMOs Revealed Sneak Preview:


I sure hope you like this, I’m excited for you to see it.



Jeff Hays

Jeff Hays Films

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P.S. When you watch this, I think you’ll agree that this can be the tipping point. If enough of us are aware of what is going on, we can stop this madness. Please take a look and let your friends know this is finally finished and available.



Justin Reynolds